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On Mon, 2005-11-28 at 09:53 +0700, Ross Golder wrote:
> On ศ., 2005-10-28 at 16:45 +0200, Dave Neary wrote:
> > Hi all,
> > 
> > I have been talking to Andrew Case about his community service, and he's 
> > come up with a couple of ideas for projects he would be interested in 
> > taking on.
> > > 
> I'm interested to know how this case went. Did Andrew eventually settle
> his community service by working on open source. If so, what did he work
> on and where's the code? I'd love an update on this. Perhaps we could
> ask Andrew to follow up to his post?

So, i was helping Andrew in his task which was to get Brainread
working with the current evolution version. 

The last status report i recieved from him was on 
Sun, 06 Nov 2005 at which point of time he was still 
struggling on getting evolution cvs it to build. I am attaching the 
status report he sent on that day. 

I have been busy myself and havent been able to follow up 


What can i do? I am just being me
Update for the week of OCT-31 to NOV-6

Weekly update with Andrew Case... Below are some notes I've scribbled down to
explain where my time has been going and what my current status is.  I spent
most of my time grinding through compilation issues this week, plus a fair
amount of time sifting though CVS source code looking to find when where the
libraries, includes,fuctions that use to be used have gone.

Time Breakdown:
11/03/05: 1 hour(s) 1-2pm
11/05/05: 8 hour(s) 12-8pm
11/06/05: 2 hour(s) 11am-1pm
Total Hours this week: 11 hours

Learning process:
	* figured out different modulesets for gnome jhbuild
	* Determined where some of the old dependencies have gone

Things I'm currently trying get working:
	* Getting brainread to compile and install with EVOLUTION_2.0.0 evolution
		- After ~10 hours of trying to get evo/e-d-s 2.0 to install with library
		  dependency hell. I've given up on this task.  I will now focus on the
		  actually updating the source to work with 2.4 instead of understanding
		  how it integrates with 2.0

	* Updating brainread to compile and install with HEAD evolution
		- Had to run jhbuild like 15 times trying to get evolution to compile
		  with jhbuild. I'm getting closer.  Evolution fully compiled but it wont
		  run under gnome 2.10.2 so I'm going to have to run jhbuild again to get
		  gnome up to 2.14 moduleset.

More notes on the problems I'm working on:
	brainread uses evo/e-s-d 2.0 which has some a fair amount of different
   features than the current version such as:
   	* Evolution-Addressbook-SelectNames.idl
	   * E-source-Selector (evolution/widgets have changed)
		* E-Lots-of-things (look at evolution/plugins/proxy.c for how to manage)
		* etc.

Problems gotten passed with manual compilation:
	GLIB_GENMARSHAL error: GLIB_GENMARSHAL line in Makefiles gets set to nothing!
	GLIB_GENMARSHAL fix: compile through the jhbuild or set env varaibles similar
	GLIB_GENMARSHAL tempfix: commented out that line out, it will detect glib-genmarshal if it is in the PATH

Problems gotten passed with jhbuild compilation:
pango... fix cairo
cairo... make sure --enable-png is working (update pkgconfig and then):
./configure --enable-maintainer-mode --enable-gtk-doc --prefix /opt/gnome2 --disable-static --disable-gtk-doc --enable-png
howl... update to same version of libtool (I just changed the version number in :-O
dbus... I got dbus to compile by using the --disable-python option

More notes on jhbuild:
export ACLOCAL_FLAGS="-I /opt/gnome2/share/aclocal"
export CVSROOT=":pserver:anonymous anoncvs gnome org:/cvs/gnome"
export CVS_RSH="ssh"
export PKG_CONFIG_PATH="/opt/gnome2/lib/pkgconfig:/opt/gnome2/share/pkgconfig:/usr/lib:/usr/local/lib:/usr/lib/pkgconfig/:/usr/local/lib/pkgconfig/"
export INSTALL="/home/darkfrog/bin/install-check"
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH="/opt/gnome2/lib"
export XDG_CONFIG_DIRS="/opt/gnome2/etc/xdg"
export XDG_DATA_DIRS="/opt/gnome2/share"

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