[Evolution-hackers] New patches for Inline PGP support


It's been a while, but I've finally had some time free to sit down and
finish off the last major things that were required with the inline PGP
patches. They're still not perfect (ie not ready for evolution-patches
yet), but they have changed (and improved substantially) since the the
last email, and I've been receiving quite a number of requests for
patches that I think it's worthwhile posting an interim snapshot. It's
amazing that there is so much demand for such a broken way of sending
PGP emails!

Get the patches at


Adds support to em-inline-filter for breaking out inline signed and
inline encrypted messages into two fake mime types

Adds two formatters to display these mime types (after sending things
off to various camel_gpg_ functions in eds and the appropriate


Modifies camel-gpg-context decrypt and verify routines to support the
fake mime types used for inline pgp. 

Adds a new filter (camel-mime-filter-pgp) to strip ascii armor and dash
decode pgp clearsigned messages.

Major changes from previous patches
- No longer using plugins - this prevents needless duplication of the
em-inline-filter architecture
- Now properly handles encrypted content by calling em_utils_snoop_part
to determine the mime type of the decrypted block - this seems to work
really well for images / text, all handled ok. 
- All text output is passed back through the standard formatting
functions to nested inline pgp (or other inline content) is handled ok. 

Outstanding work
- Several places where things aren't as efficient as they could be
- inline PGP messages often have trailing whitespace leading to funny
looking blank text parts after the signature row. Need to investigate
adding support to em-inline-filter to suppress empty plain text parts. 

Testing / Code Review of the patches would be much appreciated. I've
tried to incorporate all the suggestions / code style pointers that Not
Zed and Jeffrey commented on after the last patches. 

Kind Regards

Matt Brown
matt mattb net nz
Mob +64 275 611 544 www.mattb.net.nz

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