Re: [Evolution-hackers] What does the cal-backend's CAL_STATIC_CAPABILITY_SAVE_SCHEDULES mean?

The save_schedules static capability implies that the calendar server
(associated with the backend) handles sending requests/updates to other
recipients of the item, during create/modify/delete operations.

Evolution would not issue a send_object call in such cases if it
senses the capability.


On Tue, 2005-05-24 at 13:45 +0800, Harry Lu wrote:
> Harish, JP and Rodrigo,
>     I am working on evolution-jescs (hydrogen) these days and have a 
> question. What does CAL_STATIC_CAPABILITY_SAVE_SCHEDULES mean? The usage 
> in Evolution confuses me.
>     For example, the evolution-jescs backend has this capability. When I 
> create a meeting from Evolution and save it, in save_comp_with_send () 
> of comp-editor.c, Evolution calls send_component_dialog() to see if it 
> need to send the component through itip.  For hydrogen, 
> send_component_dialog() return FALSE, so Evolution won't send the 
> request.  However, when I delete this meeting, in delete_event() of 
> e-calendar-view.c,  Evolution calls cancel_component_dialog() to see if 
> it need to send out the cancel mail. But cancel_component_dialog() for 
> hydrogen return TRUE, so Evolution will send out the mail.
>     In my understanding, for hydrogen, Evolution should not send out 
> mail in either cases since calendar server will take care of it.  So I 
> think we need to change cancel_component_dialog() to return FALSE for 
> hydrogen, too.
>     And in itip_send_comp() of itip-utils.c, there is also a check for 
> this capability. I think we should just return if the backend has this 
> capability.
>     What do you think?
>     Thanks!
>        Harry Lu
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