[Evolution-hackers] What does the cal-backend's CAL_STATIC_CAPABILITY_SAVE_SCHEDULES mean?

Harish, JP and Rodrigo,
   I am working on evolution-jescs (hydrogen) these days and have a
question. What does CAL_STATIC_CAPABILITY_SAVE_SCHEDULES mean? The usage
in Evolution confuses me.

   For example, the evolution-jescs backend has this capability. When I
create a meeting from Evolution and save it, in save_comp_with_send ()
of comp-editor.c, Evolution calls send_component_dialog() to see if it
need to send the component through itip.  For hydrogen,
send_component_dialog() return FALSE, so Evolution won't send the
request.  However, when I delete this meeting, in delete_event() of
e-calendar-view.c,  Evolution calls cancel_component_dialog() to see if
it need to send out the cancel mail. But cancel_component_dialog() for
hydrogen return TRUE, so Evolution will send out the mail.

   In my understanding, for hydrogen, Evolution should not send out
mail in either cases since calendar server will take care of it.  So I
think we need to change cancel_component_dialog() to return FALSE for
hydrogen, too.
   And in itip_send_comp() of itip-utils.c, there is also a check for
this capability. I think we should just return if the backend has this
   What do you think?

      Harry Lu

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