[Evolution-hackers] Paid development of a SugarCRM Evolution plug-in

Hi all,

I have just joined up on this list, so I apologise if this is the
wrong place to post a request like this.  Nat Friedman suggest I post
here and Novell and Red Hat have been utterly un-useful when I called
their UK and and US offices just now.

I work for a UK government funded Open Source consultancy service
called OpenAdvantage, and I am working with an organisation who are
moving to SugarCRM. As part of my consultation I have also been
working with them to explore the Linux desktop, and they are quite
interested in a shift to Linux on the desktops.

As part of their solution, I am keen to integrate their applications
with SugarCRM as best as possible. Part of this integration involved
mail and calendaring.

The reason I am posting here is that this organisation are looking to
fund development of an evolution plug-in that will enable Evolution to
talk to SugarCRM. This will involve:
 - sending mail from Evolution to SugarCRM
 - using SugarCRM contacts when sending mail
 - syncing shared calenders etc.

I wanted to post here to see if anyone would be interested in taking
on this job. I can guarentee that the intention is to make the results
of this work fully Open Source, so you could then merge it into the
main Evolution code-base if you wanted to.

If you are interested in this, could you contact me at jono AT
jonobacon DOT org and send me an approximate quote and timeframe to
implement these features.



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