[Evolution-hackers] Mailer behavior with slow connections.

Hi guys,

This week, for the first time in years, I've been using a modem to
access the Internet.  And I've noticed a few behaviors in Evolution's
mailer that were pretty annoying in the presence of a slow connection.

It seems that whenever certain mail operations are underway -- like
scanning IMAP folders for new messages, expunging messages from IMAP
folders, or syncing remote IMAP mail locally, to name three -- many
other mail operations block on the completion of the (seemingly
unrelated) ongoing network operation.

Examples of operations that blocked for me include:

        1) Switching from my IMAP folder to a local folder, so that I
        can read local mail while I wait for my IMAP folder to update.
        This blocks until the IMAP folder update is complete.
        2) Switching from an IMAP messages which is not yet downloaded
        and locally sync'd to once which I know for sure has been
        downloaded and locally sync'd, so I can reread it and perhaps
        reply to it.
        3) Closing Evolution.

There might have been others, but these were the ones that stuck out the

Is there a design reason for this behavior, or is it just a bug?


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