[Evolution-hackers] Keyboard navigation broken

Keyboard navigation does not seem to work right.

I start in the search bar.  The "Tab" key cycles through interface
widgets "clockwise" as expected.  However, shift-tab does not go
backwards.  Nor does anything else I tried.  AFAICT, if you overshoot
the widget you're going for, you have to go all the way around to try

Also, when the select list in the search bar is focused, the down and up
arrows do not cycle through the options.  They move the focus to the
object "above" and "below" - in this case the last button on the
toolbar, and the message list pane.  And pressing "up" then "down" does
not always return you to the starting point.  For example, if you start
with the search type widget selected, "up" puts you at the end of the
toolbar, then "down" puts you in the search text field.

This all adds up to a baffling experience for the would-be keyboard
user.  After 5 minutes trying to figure out the behavior I went back to
using the mouse.

Is all this by design?


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