[Evolution-hackers] Re: dlopen / API hooks for evolution ...

Hello Michael,

> 	Frank - I'm assuming here that it's ok to directly link to the glib API
> - splitting that out would be an even bigger pain, and I believe that's
> a platform pre-requisite for OO.o now.

According to Heiner Rechtien: No way. His points are
- we're developing C++, not C, so what do you need from this lib what
  isn't (semantically equivalent) available elsewhere?
- glib has just recently been removed - the only thing still depending
  on it is the Gnome integrator. RE would be quite unhappy with
  re-introducing it.
- an architectural change such as this (one of the libs depending on
  glib) needs approval by at least Matthias Huetsch (and is unlikely to
  get it)
- This would create yet another "version hell", if we'd do this.

So I fear we need to find another solution :(
What kind of code do you need from glib?

> 	d) call EApiInit() as early as we can at a well defined
> 	   point before we use any e_ API
> 	e) throw an exception if that init fails

I suggest the driver, which is the initial entry point, anyway. It would
do an EApiInit in it's first |acceptURL| or |connect| call. In the first
case, it could silently return sal_False if the init fails, in the
latter, it could throw an exception.

> 	JP - since you're ultimately responsible for the gratitous ABI breakage

Thanks & Ciao

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