Re: [Evolution-hackers] Thinking about menus

Ben -- Some feedback on the Edit Menu specifically.  Between the last proposal and this one, I find the changes to the Edit Menu where editing vFolders and Filters are located a bit confusing. They seem are wedged between pilot settings (Sync) and Preferences. I suggest putting vFolders and Filters in their own cascade under Manage Rules (to be consistent w/ Create Rule on Message Menu).

Select All in Message
Deselect All in Message
Find in Message
Find Next
Find Previous
Search Messages > whatever should be on this cascade :) .. including
                 Saved Searches
                 Create Search Folder from (um)...
Manage Rules  > Filters
                Search Folders
Synchronization Options

I also added Search in here based on our conversation.  I still do not think Search make sense under View / Show Messages.  My reasoning still is Find belongs on Edit :). I'd like to actually see results of a Usability test that includes something like "Locate all messages that contain [text] by using the Menus" to see where users look for it.

Re: changing Virtual Folders (vFolders) to Search Folders

Will this be too confusing or similar to Saved Search?  What is the reason to rename them from Virtual Folders to Search Folders?

Re: Synchronization Options

I immediately thought "oh! Pilot settings, no problem" but then from other traffic on the list and looking at this more, I wonder if Synchronization could be confused with online and offline sync/settings. What do others think this was for?


On Mon, 2005-01-10 at 12:25 -0500, Benjamin Kahn wrote:
With Evolution 2.2 fast approaching with a new plugin architecture, I
(along with Rodney and a bunch of other people) have been looking at the
Evolution menus.  

We've started with with the mailer context menus and the main mailer
menus.  This is needed because the current menus are a discouraging mess
and with menu merging from plugins, things are only going to get

The goals are:

      * Get rid of the Actions menu.
      * Make it obvious where to find things.  (Eliminate seeking as
        much as possible)
      * Make common operations available without using submenus.
      * Move closer to the HIG recommendations.
        ( )
      * Provide a good structure for plugins to add new menu items.
      * Umm...  And simplicity.  

I've posted screenshots of the effort to the Evolution Blog:

The latest version of the glade mockup is here: (I'll try to keep this
NOTE: Evolution does not use glade to create menus.  This is simply a
mockup.  It will never be the official version.)

I am generating a patch for Evolution that uses the new menus.  I'm
about 50% done.

And, obviously, a similar layout needs to be designed for the other

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