[Evolution-hackers] Automated export of iCal files

Hi together,

in the last few days i have been researching to find out, how to
pubshlish my calender data in the web. I found much  groupware
software which is half-evolution ready, or is planning to be
compatible to it (Plugins missing and stuff alike).

I now found a way: Export my calender data using evolution 2 into the
iCal format, put this file online via webdav, ftp and then let it be
parsed by some cron-controled shell-script.
But in the step of publishing the information to the server (which of
the protocols are used is not important to me) i get a problem:
Evolution has no option to do so. I can't export to a WebDAV resource
that easily. It seems as this is not implemented (at least i did not
find anything in the docs) and so i was wondering if there is a
command line option to export the calender, so that a shell script on
my debian system will export my calender data every 3 hours, put it
online and care about parsing.

I need this so that there is an autmated process that holds my online
calender data up to date. I wasn't able to figure out a better way, so
i'm looking for the cli option for evolution to export to  iCal

Can anybody help out here?
Thanks in advance


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