[Evolution-hackers] Re: Schema file issues


Today at 18:27, JP Rosevear wrote:

> So, my original task morphed somewhat and I ended up tidying up the
> contacts, calendar and shell schema files (and cropped up some
> additional issues below), I started on the mailer but it has more than
> the other three combined so I started to get worried about the number of
> string changes this might involve total, so I'm CC'ing the gnome-i18n
> team as well.

I feel if these are going to go in, they should go in now.  Freeze is
there for translators, but before the freeze, all changes are welcome
unless they unnecessarily burden some teams.  Consistency is what
translators very much prefer, so it's better done now than later

According to last update, we also have problems updating evolution POT 
files in our stats, so that may be of bigger influence than these 
changes (depending on how long this is the case).

This might be only GTP's problem (i.e. wrong POT filename listed in
cvs.gnome.org:gnome-i18n/status/data/translation-status.xml), but it
might be a problem in Evolution itself.  According to 
there're problems in all of evolution, e-d-s and evolution-exchange.

So, you have my support, if that's of any significance.  Of course, I
hope the extent of the changes is not such as to make Evolution
completely untranslated, because it's still one of the biggest modules
in Gnome :)


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