Re: [Evolution-hackers] IMAP Mails in trash may be expunged after you use thunderbird

On Thu, 2005-12-22 at 13:26 +0800, jeff cai wrote:
> Hi,all
> Harry and I find that if you delete a mail in INBOX folder by
> ThunderBird, all mails in trash folder in Evolution will be
> removed. This comes from the difference of implementation of 
> both products. When you delete a mail, evolution marks the mail
> "Deleted" flag, while thunderBird will mark the mail "Deleted"
> and copy one to a real folder "Trash", then expunge the folder
> which the deleted mail is in. Therefore, those mails marked as
> "Deleted" in that folder will also be removed. You can't find them
> again. The result is YOU LOST mails in the trash folder of evolution.

I dont see *we* can do much about this. Since:
+ Its Thunderbird which is Expunging the folder, probably some settings
can be changed for it not to Expunge each time you delete. Am not sure
+ Evolution just marks it deleted. And does *not* Expunge it by default
(or does it based on the settings or user action), when deleted. And i
am sure this is quite like the behaviour users would be comfortable

Ofcourse, we can go on debating about which is the best way to do this.
But i dont see anything productive coming out of such a debate.


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