Re: [Evolution-hackers] evolution .desktop file and other nuttiness

On Thu, 2005-08-25 at 22:48 -0400, Luis Villa wrote:
> Hey, all-
> I perhaps naively assumed that after Miguel said that the Novell
> usability study said that 'Evolution' as a menu entry was totally
> broken that this incredibly visible bug would *get fixed* for this
> release. It is now too late, of course, but I am wondering why that
> didn't happen, and how we can make sure it happens in 2.13? I first
> filed this bug several years ago, but apparently it was marked
> ximian-confidential so it never made it over to
> Should I file it again?

Never heard of it.  This sounds like a packaging/distribution question
to me.  I note that on the fedora box i just installed 'evolution as a
menu entry' works fine.  Whatever exactly that is supposed to mean.

Are you sure you sent this to the right list?

> [In a tangential question, when is the usability research you guys did
> getting published?]

Never seen that either.

> Also, why does evolution now ask on startup 'do you want this to be
> your default client' and answer 'yes' 'no', which is (1) an irritating
> question that fixes a problem that would not occur if you'd just
> talked to the gnome people to make sure it was the default in the
> first place (2) is not in the right button order (3) not phrased in
> compliance with the HIG? [It has apparently been in CVS for a couple
> months, but evo has been my mail client for four years and this dialog
> has never shown up/bothered me until today.] I have to hope there is a
> good reason for this, but if not, i'll go ahead and file the bug.

There's already a bug about the button order.  It was a bounty from ages
ago, thats where it came from.  The question is only asked if evolution
isn't your mail handler, and it is up to the distribution really, not
gnome, to decide how that is set up as a default.

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