Re: [Evolution-hackers] Got Camel backtrace, want advise...

On Tue, 2005-08-23 at 10:14 +0800, Not Zed wrote:
> Hi Jules,
> For starters, this is nothing to do with eds, it is crashing in
> evolution, right? (where 'eds' == evolution data server process).


> By default, the store will support a virtual trash and junk folder, you
> wont need to know anything about it.  You only need to know about it,
> when at some point, you implement your override for "Deleted items"
> folder, and then you just implement get_trash.

OK, a potential reason for the crash is that my override method returns
NULL. I have been very thorough and actually implemented *all* virtual
methods, assuming that the caller could handle a NULL return value,
which might not be the case then.

> Since it is trying to open the virtual trash folder, it means that the
> flag is set.  So for a dummy server, don't worry about it.
> The trace seems to be quite incomplete though - lots of frames missing.
> To aid debugging i recommend compiling with -O0 always.

Will do.

> My best guess is that camel_vee_summary_add_folder() is calling
> camel_session_get_uri() on the brutus-store, and that is crashing.
> Probably brutus-store isn't setting session->url properly, possibly from
> not calling the parent service construct() method.

This could be it. Could you please say a few words about the service and
session objects? All the other entities have rather straightforward
responsibilities and roles (folders, stores and such) but I would really
like to hear a little about the service and session objects.


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