[Evolution-hackers] Trouble getting Evolution to recognize new Camel provider...


I am trying to build a new Camel provider with the ultimate goal of
adding a new server type to Evolution handling email, calendars and so

My plan was to start making a new Camel provider for my server and work
from there. I have currently implemented a do-nothing Camel provider,
but Evolution (current CVS HEAD) does not show my server type in the
drop-down list of possible servers when configuring a new email account.

I am sure that I must have missed something fundamental, but I am at
lost figuring out what it may be...

I would be *really* grateful if someone has a few minutes to spare
looking at my source and hopefully spot my error.

Full source tar-ball here:


The project lives in "brutus/idl/products/evolution/2.4" and may be
build using the usual 

"PKG_CONFIG_PATH=<foo> ./autogen.sh --prefix=<bar> && make && make install"


Thanks a lot in advance,

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