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Hi, in not sure wether this should be in the evolution or
evolution-hackers list.

The thing is, im not that good with editing wikis and such. 

Though i thought that, compiling evo from cvs with gentoo deserved a
spot aswell.

its a simple matter of doing, either : 

emerge -va gnome-light nss cvs
emerge -va gnome nss cvs 

With gnome-light i guess you get the only-needed stuff, like
gnome-core on other dists. But here, on gentoo, gnome-core refers to
the older gnome 1.4 version. thats why i guess gnome-light was
You'd probably save a ton of time doing so, emerging gnome takes Time!
(personally i did emerge gnome, just because i run gnome, but to
others who dont, i guess gnome-light is sufficient)

you could also "emerge gnome-common" if you dont want to grab it from cvs. 

If someone could add that, it would be great.


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