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Maybe the button does not need to be changed at all. I think swapping the two buttons "New" and "Send/Receive" would already help. I myself was confused too when using Evolution for the first time, but not because of the button label but because I expected the "Send/Receive" at the very left of the toolbar. IMO the "Send/Receive" button should not be placed between two message-related buttons (in this case "New" and "Reply").


Harish Krishnaswamy wrote:


This one is late - coming beyond the UI freeze :-( but there is an
overwhelming feedback from many first-time Evolution (and Linux) users
about the Send/Receive option on the toolbar, being confused for the New
Mail Creation option (They spot 'Send' on the toolbar and click on it
when they want to send a new mail). This problem had also figured
prominently in Anna's usability tests that were demonstrated in GUADEC
this year.

Could we please address this in 2.4 itself - where we have already
absorbed considerable UI changes aimed at better usability.

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