Re: [Evolution-hackers] Marcus Bains Line in calendar

On Apr 4, 2005 2:42 PM, Rodney Dawes <dobey novell com> wrote:
> Hrmm. I like the color change on the time bar side. would be nice to
> make the in-view line more subtle too. It needs to stand out, but it
> doesn't need to divert your attention from the rest of the view, which
> is what it seems to do now, when I look at the screenshots. Granted,
> the screenshots are of a small cropped area.

I've posted a full shot at:

> > What are your thoughts on adding a time display to the line (as in
> > Korganizer)?  I think it's overkill, and I expect you agree, but want
> > to make sure (and get other people's opinions).
> It probably is a bit overkill. It would help to distinguish the MB line
> from the hourly separator lines, though. However, I can't help but think
> that there is some better way to do that as well.

Color seems easiest, in terms of ease of location.  Some sort of
patterning to the line might work as well.  Since peripheral vision is
more sensitive to color changes than intensity changes (IIRC), color
makes sense as a way to make it easily located.  But I'm open to other
suggestions, and will try to implement them and test them out for a
few days, if there are any.

Ray Jones

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