[Evolution-hackers] Preliminary patches to add inline PGP support


I've been working on some patches for this bounty (Bug #127521) for the
past couple of weeks. 

Given the high level of interest I've received in these patches and the
number of people emailing me, I am pleased to report that I have some
preliminary patches that I think are working well enough to make them
available for testing. 

1) Modify the gpg_verify routine in camel-gpg-context.c to support
verifying application/inline-pgp mime parts. Clearsigned verifications
are different to PGP/Mime verifications so we can't just make a fake
multipart/signed unfortunately.

2) This patch is the actual plugin that hooks the formatting handlers to
detect and process inline pgp messages. 

I have to stress that both these patches are BETA and have passed only
the most preliminary testing so far, and there are a few known issues.

Known Issues
1) The first 10 characters of the decrypted text are truncated when
processing an encrypted block. I'm really stumped on this one!
2) Encrypted binary data (JPGs etc) will probably be displayed as
text/plain atm

Many thanks to Tommi Komulainen who contributed the code for
constructing a multipart/encrypted mime part.

Please test these patches and report back what works / what doesn't also
if you have weird and wacky examples of inline pgp messages (whether
valid or invalid) please email them to me at pgptest mattb net nz,
please include in the subject a short description of what the message is
(ie. "encrypted jpeg" or "invalid inline signature") 

Looking forward to your feedback :)


Matt Brown
matt mattb net nz
Mob +64 275 611 544 www.mattb.net.nz

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