Re: [Evolution-hackers] Some newbie questions

On Sun, 2004-09-26 at 18:13 +0200, Ivan Frade wrote:
> Hello,
>  Using jhbuild i have an evolution to hack, and as newbie (get
> enthusiastic about collaborate) i have some simple questions about how
> to work with it:
>  * when i modify a file i can compile only his directory, but how can i
> test the changes? must i recompile all and install?
it depends what you change. Usually, if you change someting in
evo/addressbook, you just need to compile that. The same for calendar/,
mail/, shell. So, there is no need always to recompile everything.

>  is a heavy process.
>  * how can i use evolution-shell?
what do you mean?
Rodrigo Moya <rodrigo novell com>

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