[Evolution-hackers] Re: EDS Versioning


On Fri, 2004-09-17 at 16:54, JP Rosevear wrote:
> So, I've been sorted out the versioning in HEAD and I've moved to
> libebook-1.2.so, libecal-1.2.so, libebook-1.2.pc, libecal-1.2.pc etc
> (work on top of updating BASE_VERSION in configure.in) in my local tree.
> This also resets the libtool numbers for all the libraries.
> Is everyone comfortable with this?  It will require consumers such as
> gnome-meeting, gnome-panel, contact lookup applet etc to update their
> checks, but I think its likely we will break the API as we shake out
> issues for them and us anyhow as e-d-s gets more widespread usage.

	This is a similar situation to the OAFIID change - these are all
interface numbers and I'd prefer to only see them changed as part of a
conscious decision to break the interface compatibility. And I'd prefer
that decision to not be taken lightly.

	AFAICS, these interface versions are changing because they're tied to
BASE_VERSION in configure.in. In reality, the interface versions should
have nothing to do with BASE_VERSION. Changing the interface versions
does cause some hassle to consumers, so lets break that tie rather than
needlessly doing this every six months.

	Incidentally, you shouldn't be resetting the soname. It would only make
sense if the libs were libebook-1.2.so etc., but while the library names
themselves aren't versioned, resetting the soname just makes it
difficult/impossible for the older libraries to co-exist with the newer


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