Re: [Evolution-hackers] Merge from head to gnome-2-8 branch.

Hi all,

gtkhtml is merged as well

gtkhtml-3-2-2-merge-start point on HEAD
gtkhtml-3-2-2-merge point on gnome-2-8

I didn't merged .po files changes - there was 1 message change in ms.po, sq.po and tr.po which I was unsure about which one is right. Then there was one big change in be.po (maybe changed encoding?), I left gnome-2-8 version intact.


On Thu, 2004-09-16 at 22:52 +0800, Not Zed wrote:

Hi all,

Ok, the merge from HEAD back to the gnome-2-8 branch is done for eds and evolution.

There are a few tags which 'mark this spot'.

evolution-2-0-1-merge-start - the point on HEAD from which the code was merged to gnome-2-8 branch.
evolution-2-0-1-merge - the point on the gnome-2-8 branch where it was merge to (pre-merge - should match 2.0.0 but doesn't for some files).

eds-1-0-1-merge - the same as above for evolution-data-server module.

For the evolution/po files, I had a lot of merge issues, so they ONLY include the gnome-2-8 data.  I presumed this would be the most accurate files anyway. 1 or two strings may not be correct anymore, I appologise, it wasn't practical to do it any other way.  For the eds ones, there were fewer, so I attempted to resolve things manually.

I've attached the diffs, essentially from the EDS 1.0.0 and Evolution 2.0.0 _release_ codebases (well actually from the -merge tags above), incase anyone cares to check.  Just to verify that the merge process didn't mess anything up, although CVS normally does a fairly good job.

I should get the eplugin stuff merged to HEAD very soon, i'm too tired to finish it now though.


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