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Not needed for all of the widgets. Just those widgets that can be accessed by AT tools and those focusable, such as entry, button, combobox, etc. Most of them already has a name if related to a label. 
Once the option is decided, we (Sun A11y Developers) will provide the patches for review.

Not Zed wrote:

Does this actually need to happen for _all_ widgets in the entire application?  Are certain widget types, like frames, notebooks, and so on, self-describing?  Or do we have to describe even those?

(I've removed the cc to the patches list)


On Tue, 2004-09-14 at 13:56 +0800, Harry Lu wrote:
Resend this mail since my old mail(sent last Thursday) seemed never
shown up in the mail list.

Hi, JP and others,
   For the widgets to be accessed by accessibility tools such as GOK
and gnopernicus, these widgets should have an accessible name and
sometimes an accessible description.
	For those widgets created in code, we only have one option like following:
   GtkWidget *widget;
   AtkObject *a11y;

   widget = create_widget();
   a11y = gtk_widget_get_accessible (widget);
   if (a11y != NULL) {
      atk_object_set_name (a11y, _("some a11y name"));
      atk_object_set_description (a11y, _("some a11y descripiton"));

   For those widgets created in glade files, we have the second option :
set the accessible name in the widget's property in glade files.
   So should we only use the first option for all widgets, or use
second option if possible?

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