Re: [Evolution-hackers] "Edit As New Message"

On Mon, 2004-09-13 at 15:47 -0400, Jeffrey Stedfast
On Mon, 2004-09-13 at 12:35 -0700, Eric Ewanco wrote:
> >  I guess I'm still not understanding
> > why it is "wrong" to use a message you've received
> > from someone else as a template for a new message,
> > especially when it's not hard to do without "Edit
> > New", just more inconvenient.
> this is what "Redirect" is for.
Not exactly -- by "template" I mean something you can
edit, and you can't edit a redirected message.  Also
Redirect uses the sending person's address, which I
don't usually want, because first of all, *they*
didn't send it to the person and it will look like
they did, and second of all, replies will go to that
person, not to me.

> Maybe I just need to make sure Evolution gracefully
> > ignores mime types it can't handle.
> *sigh*. it has nothing to do with mime-types and
everything to do with
> structure
> Evolution's composer can only create the following
Ah, I see, by "all mime structures" you meant all
possible combinations of parts of different
mime-types.  I am familiar with MIME but not enough to
know all the specific implementation terms, so I

So what do you do in the case of Forward Inline?  

Are mime structures that Evolution does not support
common or even likely to be encountered?

are you starting to grasp what I mean?
Yes, thank you for clarifying that "structure" meant a
combination of MIME parts, and not a single MIME part
of arbitrary content type.  My apologies that it
required an explanatory email on your part.

> > also, there exists an option
> > > Actions->Forward->Redirect for at least
> > > some of the needs you brought up.
> > 
> > Yeah but it won't let you change it, which, in
> > cases, is the whole point.
> I feel you are approaching this problem from the
wrong direction then.
> this is precisely what the Drafts/Templates
> folders are for.
> I suggest you implement Template folders instead.
Well, again, template folders might be the right
solution for 5 percent of the situations I'd otherwise
use Edit As New for, and redirect might cover another
2%.  (I have not read any definition of "Template
Folders" but I assume that it is like a draft folder
except the messages aren't deleted when you send
them.)  That leaves, in my mind, 93% of the cases
still uncovered.

So let me see if I can cover the cases I have in mind
which aren't covered by another command:

- Want to forward a message, but I do not want to add
another wasteful layer of headers or subject prefixes
(forward inline), nor do I want to masquerade as the
person who sent it to me (redirect)

- Want to post stuff to a mailing list that someone
has sent me to post, but which requires cleaning up
(spelling, changing "I"'s to person's name, etc.),
without headers, without [Fwd:], etc.

- Ability to use drafts/templates from folders
dedicated to their own purposes (and not to drafts or
templates) -- I use this to resend bulletin
announcements week after week, I file them in a
special folder so I can find them.  A template folder
probably won't work here, because I want to pull up
what I last sent, not a fixed message.  I also use
this at work to do my status every week -- I pull up
last week's status from the Status folder, and then
edit it.  It's preaddressed, unlike if I forwarded it.

- Need to fill in form for Majordomo, or Network
Solutions, or whoever.  If the software is designed
right, they can put the destination address in the
"To" field, saving me a step.

Probably several others, but it is late.


eje+ximian at

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