Re: [Evolution-hackers] "Edit As New Message"

Not Zed wrote:

> Please ask these questions on the evolution users
> On Sat, 2004-09-11 at 11:32 -0400, Eric Ewanco
>>I see that the "Edit As New Message" option is
disabled for any message
>>not in the Sent folder.
>>What's the rationale for this?

Hi Michael,

It's good to meet you and some of the other people who
work on Evolution.  I see you have a Ximian address so
you must be involved in the core development.  As a
hacker with over 20 year's experience, I hope to have
the opportunity to make a contribution to the effort.

Now, to your point:  With all due respect, since the
reason I am asking is because I want to modify this
behavior, the HACKING file in the distribution says
very specifically: "If the change requires non-trivial
user interface changes, then they will have to be
discussed and approved on the evolution-hackers list
first.  This is highly recommended before embarking on
any UI work, or large scale work in general."

Moreover, if the Evolution users list is populated by
users, it is unlikely many would know the rationale
behind it.

But if it needs no discussion, I'd be happy to submit
a patch for it without doing so.


Eric Ewanco
eje+ximian at

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