[Evolution-hackers] New "target milestone" report

Hi all,

To fulfill your technical curiosity of where are we going from here
there's now a new bugzilla report that gives you information on
individual milestone settings, so you can keep track of bugs and
improvements in the future (and not in the over-abused "Future"

The report still doesn't work as expected :-( Since I can't find
couldn't add correctly bugs from different milestones I had to choose a
dropdown list in the form page instead of a multiselect list, hope to
fix this Really Soon Now (tm), but at least it lets you browse by
milestone and see into the future...

So the link is http://bugzilla.ximian.com/evotarget.cgi 

For those of you who want to track progress (and useless debug of perl
+MySQL) you can click on http://bugzilla.ximian.com/tstevotarget.cgi

And... what about a nice bugday tomorrow? Let's clean this before
delivery to gnome!

As every Thursday, we'll be waiting for you on irc.gnome.org #evolution,
from 1500 GMT to 0100 GMT next day...


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