[Evolution-hackers] mailto: url handling in contacts component

In Evo 2.0 contacts component uses gnome_url_show to handle mailto urls.
So when a user clicks on a email present in preview pane of the contact,
whatever application that is set mailto url handler in gconf gets
launched (http://bugzilla.ximian.com/show_bug.cgi?id=53999).  The reason
it is done like this is not to force evolution for mail on somebody who
uses evolution for contact management and other applications for mail.
This can cause problems if one has evolution-1.4 set as mailto handler
as that gets invoked setting the version in gconf as 1.4 causing
migration next time evo 2.0 is invoked. We have code to handle this
internally by launching evolution composer but that is disabled with a
#ifdef. I have enabled it in the HEAD. Any thoughts on whether we should
go with gnome_url_show or use evolution composer it self?


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