[Evolution-hackers] Evo 2.0 -- syncing 2 computers

Hi folks,

I'm trying desperately  to sync the evolution data on two computes
(work & home).  I have tried rsync on ~/.evolution, and also on
~/.evolution/calendar/local, and have also tried changing the dir
names in calendar/local to reflect the change in hostname (in my case,
'anarres' --> 'matts-mac').  None of this works, and even if I delete
old ~/.evolution & simply rcp the new one over, my new calendars don't
show up (though all the data from the old ones is just gone.  I guess
the calendar aliases & perhaps other data are stored somewhere else?  

anyway it would be great to be able to do this.  I would use multisync
but it doesn't seem to support evo2.0 yet...  

in general, I guess I'd also like to know where evo 2.0 stores the
"screen aliases" of the calendars.  I tried grepping through
~/.evolution looking for the calendar names but found nothing; I
htought maybe they were stored in one of the *.db files, but my
version of db_dump couldn't read them.  

anyway, thx,

Matt Price	    matt price utoronto ca
History Department, University of Toronto
(416) 978-2094

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aardvark derailleur org

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