[Evolution-hackers] Camel Standalone - any hacker docs?

<rant>Hiya, thanks for great work...nicely written.</rant>

After mild pain I have a standalone version of Camel building and a fairly banal test program which sends an smtp mail ok.

I hacked out a subset of e-util and some other deps..and am not building gw yet as it needs eds/soap etc ...

Im looking for any good design rationale/notes/roadmap docs...any urls?

I need to grok -
o future roadmap of Camel
o future plugin structure for auth and messaging
o what the needed headers are for external use -
   can we reduce number??
o anybody else working on same area [standalone build]?
o imap/imapp/imap4 status + roadmap?

My feeling is now is the time to make it seperate, before more dependencies get added - my $0.02 is behind keeping it outside of both evo and eds. I suppose it should also have docs of the quality of gmime... if I have time to make docs, almost surely will not be so nice.



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