[Evolution-hackers] groupwise errors in mail-errors.xml

I just noticed this error:

<error id="gw-accountsetup-error" type="error">
<primary><span weight="bold" size="larger">Unable to connect to the GroupWise
Please check your account settings and try again.

You shouldn't add any pango markup in the primary section: 1. it isn't expecting pango markup and should'nt contain any, and 2. style issues are supposed to be handled internally by e-error - its the whole point of the api in the first place.

Anyway, just FYI, probably should've spotted it in the patch at the time it went in.

Michael Zucchi <notzed ximian com>
"born to die, live to work, it's all downhill from here"
Novell's Evolution and Free Software Developer

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