Re: [Evolution-hackers] loaf implementation

you probably just want to say

_expression_  "#t"

pipe to program

just put a script in the program place to see if its getting run

On Sun, 2004-10-10 at 13:35 -0400, Michael Weiner wrote:
On Sun, 2004-10-10 at 13:04 -0400, Michael Weiner wrote:
> Dear list readers - 
> I have been a long time Evolution lover, in fact just recently upgraded
> to version 2.0.1 and LOVE it. Anyway, i am trying to implement LOAF
> ( which i have working using Mutt but i
> prefer evolution as my mail client. However, i cannot for the life of me
> figure out how to get evolution to send its outbound mail through the
> loaf-smtp script. Basically all this does is take the email and append a
> base-64 hash of my email address and addressbook to my outbound emails.
> I would love to get this to work, as i plan on using a similar
> implementation for another email signing application i am testing. Any
> way to get procmail to do it? I do realize that procmail is an inbound
> mail processor, but i also realize there have been a number of people
> that work magic as well  :-)

Sorry to post back on my own post, but in attempting to create this as
an outgoing filter, with the following parameters:

source-address = {my evol account address}
pipe-to-program = /usr/local/bin/loaf-smtp

however, i 1) cant tell if this does indeed get done, and 2) its
definitely not appending the expected loaf file.

Any ideas/hints?
Michael Weiner

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