Re: [Evolution-hackers] Bug #127546 Gaim Evolution presence integration.

At this point, my patch that does almost everything yours does is
15KB, works in the areas you say it can't work in, and uses
libgalago-gtk widgets. It looks like you can't, but you really can
without any real unnecessary hacks.

The gaim stuff was mentioned in the bounty because gaim is a popular
app, and there was no presence framework. I'm sure things would be
acceptable without specifically linking to anything gaim-specific, now
that there's a real presence framework.

I found the cache thing unnecessary. I was able to duplicate the
requirements there with only a very small amount of code and no cached

I just don't want to see a bunch of apps re-implement stuff
unnecessarily and look different from each other when I've worked hard
to make a standard framework.

The diff you talked about in galago svn is a very stripped down,
outdated version of what I've been working on.


On Mon, 4 Oct 2004 09:17:27 -0700, praveen kandikuppa
<praveen9 gmail com> wrote:
> Thanks for your comments. There is a modified patch which fixes some
> of the issues like presence icons. Please have a look at the README
> file.
> On Wed, 29 Sep 2004 09:15:31 -0700, Christian Hammond <chipx86 gmail com> wrote:
> > I have to be honest and say, I really don't like these patches, and
> > that's not because you're using my bounty entry to write them ;)
> > You're doing way more than you should, and in a way that will make
> > Evo's presence integration look and work differently from other
> > upcoming desktop apps.
> >
> > You duplicate a framework that Galago already provides, and you're
> > doing your own widgets and rendering when Galago provides those as
> > well. Your patch is 260KB currently, while mine (which does the same
> > stuff) is 10KB. I don't think it needs to be so complicated,
> > especially when the framework is already provided.
> I am totally lost here. By 10K patch do you mean the patches you have
> in galago SVN repository because i think i am doing more than that, to
> implement whatever is described in the bounty page corresponding to
> the bug like presence icons in email entry widget of composer
> (gal/e-text/e-text{.c,.h}), presence icons in completion popup
> (gal/e-text/e-completion{.c,.h}), presence icons in select names popup
> for composer. Contact icon in mail display (em-format-html-display.c),
> presence icons in minicard view, addressbook list view , icons in
> preview pane of
> addressbook. All of them must be clickable and should update
> themselves on new presence information. I did not use galago widgets
> because for presence icon there is a GtkImage based widget provided by
> galago and most of the above widgets use e-table and corresponding
> e-cell-* widgets. It can probably be done by writing a custom e-cell
> but i will have to look into it. It was far easier to use the existing
> e-cell-pixbuf to do the rendering and use existing e-table models to
> issue updated presence information. These become essential if i was to
> use gaim-remote too as a backend.  Also I simply cannot disregard
> gaim-remote, i had asked previously on this list before starting
> coding if there were any changes but nobody said anything and hence i
> started implementing as described in the bug report. So unless someone
> from the evolution team comes and says not to use gaim-remote
> specifically, i cannot remove the gaim remote specific code.
> For displaying contact photo in mail display/addressbook display,
> galago widgets cannot be used anyway and i have to write a custom
> widget . There is another custom widget in the sources to display a
> popup when clicked on a presence icon. Did you have a really good look
> at the code because i don't think i am doing anything unnecessary or
> trying to unnecessarily duplicate any existing widgets provided by
> galago.
> I am using a cache to associate galago accounts with evolution
> contacts which can be shared by mail, addressbook, composer parts.
> This is done to aggregate 3-4 (such as account-added, account-removed,
> account-updated, presence-updated) signal handlers which i need to put
> in place for each widget in evolution which needs updates and what
> about core-registered, core-unregistered. It also simplifies the
> update logic to be implemented for each widget and if you look at the
> code you might understand better why i  have taken this approach.It
> will be also easier if presence icons need to be put anywhere else
> like contact-editor.
> This is my first time programming in gtk and i might have definitely
> made some mistakes or missed/overlooked something but i am not sure i
> agree with you when you say that i have overly complicated this or i
> have not tried to use existing frameworks. Please provide specifics if
> you still feel that i have seriously messed up.
> >
> > Part of what you would get with the widgets are standard icons. Your
> > current method will show the AIM icon for every protocol, it seems.
> > That's confusing to users when they're looking at MSN contacts.
> This has been fixed with the updated patch posted on bugzilla page.
> > some of the Galago stuff you think is broken actually isn't, I just
> > don't think you're using the API correctly. You shouldn't be touching
> > galago_core_set_watch_all(). That's more of a backend thing.
> The problem i faced with galago was - account Y in buddy list of
> account X is not updated when account X signs of. The presence
> information of account Y is untouched even after account X signs off.
> I don't know if it was designed that way but it seemed broken to me or
> am i doing something wrong here?. (the patch i have included for
> galago tries to fix this).
> > Is there still need for a dependency on Gaim (which will cause
> > Evolution to break more often than not, since we're not guaranteeing
> > any API stability at the moment) when you're working on Galago
> > support?
> The dependency on gaim is present because on the bounty page it is
> mentioned that a popup should be presented by which you can open a
> conversation window with a contact to chat. That is why the dependency
> on gaim is present.
> By the way, i have made gaim optional in the updated patches. By
> default gaim-remote stuff  ( is not
> compiled/installed but dependency on gaim is there to open
> conversation window. In this case gaim patches need not be applied.
> (configure option --enable-gaim=urionly)
> If you want to use only galago, gaim patches need not be applied, in
> that case you can't send chat requests from evolution (use configure
> option --enable-gaim=no)
> Praveen.
> >
> > Christian
> >
> >
> >
> > On Wed, 29 Sep 2004 11:23:25 -0400, praveen kandikuppa
> > <praveen9 gmail com> wrote:
> > > I have posted an updated patch for this bug at
> > > Please have a look
> > > at the README file in the attachment. The main new feature is now
> > > galago ( can be used as one of the
> > > backends for querying presence information and in my opinion it would
> > > be better to have it as default, it is im client independent and has
> > > instantaneous updates on signoff/signon etc.
> > >
> > > PObject is used now while displaying presence icons in mail display.
> > > there are various code cleanups and less hacks and it should be a lot
> > > more readable now. the README file describes some more changes.
> > >
> > > In my opinion the patch implements most of the bug and sans some minor
> > > changes should be ready. Whom do i contact/mail to get the changes
> > > reviewed/accepted. I cannot see any owner associated The patch is
> > > little big to be mailed to evolution-patches. Can i mail a bzip2 file
> > > to the patches list?.
> > >
> > > Praveen.
> > >
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