[Evolution-hackers] Evolution's new website

Hi all,

I've been working on making a new Web site for Evolution.  The current
one is pretty old and outdated.

I designed a new template and reorganized the content.  I also
drastically cleaned up the html and added (and accumulated) additional
information everywhere.

The target audience is for users first (the "above the fold" area of the
landing page), but it should feature a very strong developer presence on
the website as well.  In other words, it should be useful as well as


New website preview:

It's not finished yet, but I figured that it's solidifying at this point
and I wanted to make it available for feedback (as well as contributions
from volunteers for some great content).

Some ideas: 

      * Improve the featurelist / highlighted features
      * Possibly some additional useful screenshots (running in a sane
        theme, such as Industrial)
      * Expand the developer section and make it more useful
      * Further thought about what should go on the front page
      * Position certain elements as important; have "ads" for bud days,
      * Somehow link in the codeblog a bit more -- some sort of newsitem
        feed (a display of the RSS) would be nice.
      * Work on pushing EPlugin more -- a list of recent plugins, links
        to external plugin sites, etc.?

So what do you all think of the site so far?


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