[Evolution-hackers] connector and API changes [was Re: [evolution-patches] folder info->path removal patch]

On Tue, 2004-05-25 at 11:13 +0000, Not Zed wrote:
> I got bored with fixing crappy little bugs today so I took on the
> removal of the now redundant 'path' from CamelFolderInfo.
> Ahh yeah, so this was a bit more involved than I thought it would be.
> But I think I managed to get all cases - not really sure so sending
> this patch out for comment.

You missed camel-exchange-store.c...

Now that Connector is in GNOME CVS (evolution-exchange module), people
making API changes in evo/eds should feel free to update things there as
well. And by "feel free", I mean "feel guilty if they don't". :-)

-- Dan

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