Re: [Evolution-hackers] creating new calendars, contact groups, and task groups

I think they look great, and prefer them over the wizards.

> On this page, I've been trying out clearer terminology (than our
> current mention of "sub", "search base" and other esoteric LDAP
> ideas). Currently, I've replaced "Search base" with "Starting point"
> -- such that the options in the scope option menu are "Starting point
> only" (meaning search base = base); "Starting point and locations
> within it" (search base = sub); "Only locations within starting
> point" (search base = one). I don't quite think that these are the
> ideal labels, but I am eager to make those labels a little more
> sensible. Ideas?

Search base is much more clear to me, FWIW that is what both Outlook and
GroupWise use.

I'm not sure you need to replace these strings, if sysadmins don't
expect their users to understand the basics of LDAP, then they can use
the new lockdown settings to set this up for their users, correct?


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