Re: [Evolution-hackers] Need info on file structures

You can't access the file directly, you need to go through the api's
used to access them.

In evolution 1.5, which you would preferrably target, there is a
re-usable server 'evolution-data-server' which ships separately and runs
separately from the evolution client.

On Tue, 2004-03-30 at 10:12 -0800, ComAxis Support wrote:
> I am tasked with migrating address book and
> calendar data from various systems into Ximian.
> >From what I can tell the addressbook.db file is
> mostly a form of a standard vcard file, with a lot
> of binary data, mostly nulls, thrown in.  Can anyone
> tell me how to structure this file, or point me to
> the correct source code file that will show me?  I
> need to create this file directly, not have the 
> Ximian users do any kind of import.  Regarding
> calendar data, am I right that this seems to be a
> standard vcalendar file (calendar.ics), or does the
> data get stored somewhere else?
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