[Evolution-hackers] Poor Performance with Connector

A couple of the folks in #evolution suggested that I ask you folks about
some performance tuning that might be possible to improve some
sluggishness of Evolution talking to my companies exchange server.

Since the connector uses the Outlook Web thingy, it performs
dramatically worse than hitting the exchange server directly via IMAP.

I see a huge performance hit when my users(who never delete email BTW!
upwards of 2 to 3 MB)  stroll through their folders.  It can take up to
2 to 3 minutes to retrieve the summary info for the folder...The Windows
Outlook client is much "snappier" retrieving the information in a matter
of seconds.

Is this normal behaviour, or is their something I can do to make the
Evolution experience closer to the Outlook experience?

Thanks in advance, BTW I don't have any of these issues on my client
since I purge irrelevant email weekly(my mail is only about 100 KB).

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