Re: [Evolution-hackers] #55208: warning about wrong date format... Invalid date thrown away

You can implement a function to validate the contact  (may be something
like validate_contact) which does validation of the required fields and
returns success or failure ) and call that in save_contact before
calling extract_info and return form the function if contact has some
wrong data.

On Wed, 2004-03-17 at 12:13, hari prasad nadig wrote:
> I figured out that this is one way that can be done. Somehow I feel this
> isn't correct solution since even after propping up the 'Validation
> error' dialog, the contact-editor closes. But, I'm clueless on where else
> to check for the date value. Any Inputs?
> The diffs attached...
> || hpnadig eml cc

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