[Evolution-hackers] Calendar Publishing Bounty Questions

I have most of the calendar publishing bounty completed. It extends the
work that I did for Free/Busy publishing to include calendars. I have
also added GnomeVFS for URIs not supported by libsoup, so that more
publishing options are available.

I have several questions about how to finish:

The bounty describes exporting the calendar in an HTML format using
phpicalendar. phpicalendar does not have a C interface that you can use
to convert an ics file to html. You just put phpicalendar in a web
directory that supports php, publish your calendar to it, and then when
you browse to it, you get the phpicalendar interface displaying your
published calendar. http://primates.ximian.com/~gekker/phpicalendar

The cool thing about this is that you can setup a publishing URI to
point to http://primates.ximian.com/~gekker/phpicalendar/calendars/
publish.php and if you have configured phpicalendar for publishing, it
will allow you to publish via webdav to your web-enabled directory
without having your Ops enable webdav.

So the question is, do we require the ability to publish an HTML file to
any given URI, or should we just support the phpicalendar interface for
this functionality? If we want to support publishing an HTML file
natively, does anyone know a simple way to convert ical to HTML?

Also, when publishing calendar events, do we want to automatically
remove Private and Confidential events, or just Confidential ones? any
thoughts on this?

The rest of my questions are UI questions:

For the configuration of publishing, my thoughts are to take the
existing config for Free/Busy Publishing, make it Calendar Publishing,
and then have set each URI to either Free/Busy or Calendar. I display
the ESource list there to select which calendars to publish to the URI,
should I display another list adjacent to it for the user to select
which if any Tasks they want to publish with their calendar? (by the
way, if you publish the tasks with the calendar, phpicalendar displays
them nicely.)

When submitting the patch, should I HIGify the UI?

This also fixes a couple bugs in the Free/Busy publishing that I need to
submit as separate patch for 2.0.

Any thoughts, recommendations, or help would be appreciated.


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