Re: [Evolution-hackers] API to get the kinds of addressbook backends or URIs supported ....

You can get the list of ESourceGroups and iterate through them, getting
the base_uri from each one with e_source_group_peek_base_uri (). This
should give you the ldap://, groupwise://, etc... protocol scheme that
you are looking for.

-- dobey

On Pre , 2004-03-05 at 09:11, Amit Shrivastava wrote:
> Hi, 
> While integrating OO.o with evo addressbook APIs, i was just hardcoding
> URIs like groupwise:// , ldap:// so on I was just wondering if evo APIs
> could provide me a list of URIs or backends it supports and I could just
> pick from those URIs and verify.
> Are there any evo APIs that provide these URIs ? 
> regards,
> Amit 

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