[Evolution-hackers] Re: ANNOUNCE: Hydrogen 1.0 [First Release]

On Mon, 2004-06-21 at 19:04 +0800, Henry Jia wrote:
> Hydrogen is onboard today.
> Hydrogen is the Evolution connector for Sun Java Enterprise System
> Calendar Server (SJESCS). It enables Evolution to use SJESCS as a
> calendar backend.
> Hydrogen supports SJESCS 5.1 and above. It supports the WCAP (Web
> Calendar Access Protocol) 2.0 and 3.0 protocols.
> Hydrogen works with Evolution 1.4. Next step is to make it work with
> Evolution trunk.
> The CVS base is in the GNOME project CVS base at cvs.gnome.org. The
> module name is 'hydrogen'. See
> http://developer.gnome.org/tools/cvs.html.

Just to point out that there is already a project called Hydrogen, which
is a Pro-audio drum machine. hydrogen.sf.net


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