Re: [Evolution-hackers] X-LIC-ERROR in tasks

On Thu, 2004-06-17 at 17:45 +0530, Sarfraaz Ahmed wrote:
> property. Removing entire property"
> This error is generated by libical-parser.
> If the user performs an operation [ modify this property or delete
> this task ], the backend popups a message saying, this is not a valid
> object.

Hm. You're sure that it's because of that line? It seems to me like e-
cal-backend-exchange-tasks.c would just ignore any properties that it
didn't recognize.

> I wanted to know if there is a ical-method that would help me clean up
> my cache
> whenever the backend encounters such a corrupted property. I guess, i
> need some method that would fetch that particular object from the
> server and over-write the object in the cache.

I don't know if there's any API to make it either not add the error
message, or to automatically strip it out.

But e-cal-backend-exchange-calendar.c has some example code of how to
iterate through the X- properties (eg, add_vevent().), so you could just
do that, and if you find one with an x_name of "X-LIC-ERROR", call

-- Dan

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