Re: [Evolution-hackers] more sa/junk filter pollution ...

On Tue, 2004-01-27 at 19:35 +0800, Not Zed wrote:
> gboolean  mail_session_get_sa_local_only  (void);
> void      mail_session_set_sa_local_only  (gboolean value);
> gboolean  mail_session_get_sa_use_daemon  (void);
> void      mail_session_set_sa_use_daemon  (gboolean value);
> void      mail_session_set_sa_daemon_port (int value);
> int       mail_session_get_sa_daemon_port (void);
> Hmm, why is this stuff in mail-session?  Is there a reason?

It's convenient to use gconf notification I have in mail-session.c. And
as other junk settings were handled here I simply put it in session as

I thought more about this and I guess I may use gconf values directly
(not big overhead I guess as values are cached). Thus I don't need the

> As far as i can tell, its only used by the plugin, and it just seems a
> very clumsy way to access gconf through the mail-session (which is NOT a
> configuration object).  It should just be in the plugin, otherwise the
> plugin idea isn't really a plugin at all.

As you probably know SA filter is not a plugin, it has just some
infrastructure prepared, so I didn't care much. The SA prefs UI is now
in em-mailer-prefs as well. But this may be harder to move to em-junk-


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