[Evolution-hackers] Team Meeting Minutes (Jan. 20th)

1. JP
JP discussed work for 1.5.3.  We need a "top down" approach we need to
fix blockers followed by major and normal.  Migration bugs are a
priority, need to be done by Wednesday night for testing by QA.

JP discussed the fact that all showstopper and major bugs will be
assigned to specific people.  Gerardo will have existing bugs assigned
by end of Wednesday.  

JP reminded people to assign bugs to themselves when they take them on
for accountability purposes.

2. Team

Rodney: Solaris work, bug fixing if time

Mark: Bounty and migration testing

Tim: Another complete cycle of testing on a reference platform.  Bug
review with JP.

Gerardo: Usual triaging, bugday announcements, bug assignments.

Jeff: 1.5.3 bug fixing

Michael: 1.5.3 bug fixing

Hans: 1.5.3 bug fixing

Rodrigo: GroupWise work, 1.5.3 bug fixing

Chris: vacation

Radek: 1.5.3 bug fixing

JP: 1.5.3 bug fixing

Larry: 1.5.3 bug fixing

Tuomas: HIG and UI work for 2.2

Guenther: Testing

Jeremy: 64 bit testing

3. Additional Business

JP Rosevear <jpr ximian com>
Ximian, Inc.

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