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Thanks all !!!

Regarding the evo-address-book integration with OpenOffice, following option looks good:

The Evoab Driver directly calls the evo-data-server api instead of calling the 'Helper fork like evolution-addressbook-export'. As the glib integration is already in OpenOffice there doesnt seem to much problem in linking evo-data-server/Orbit and dependent components and calling the apis, hopefully ;-) . 

Since the evolution/addressbook/tools/evolution-address-export* already have the functionality, some of the code can be used after porting it over evo-data-server apis. 

If someone has already done this or is in the process, it will be very helpful ;-) .  I am currently sinking my teeth into it :-) 

>>> Frank Schönheit <frank schoenheit sun com> 11/20/03 2:28:26 PM >>>
Hi Berry, Leon, Amit,

the message below was cc'ed to me by Michael meeks some days ago. It
looks like Novel/Ximian is going to do something about the Evolution
integration ...

Some introductions:
Berry and Leon are Sun engineers located in Beijing, who also did/do
work on the Evolution integration in OpenOffice.org/StarOffice. Berry
wrote the current OpenOffice.org-side code for this, and Leon joined the
"Address Book Integration Team" some weeks ago.

Well, all I know about Amit is that he's got the quite interesting task
from Michael, as cited below :)

This mailing list was introduced to allow easier communication between
Sun and Ximian about the EvoAB integration. Amit, upon request of
Michael, I added you to this list, which makes a lot of sense I think.
So: welcome :).

Amit, if you have any questions about the EvoAB integration done OOo,
please feel free to use this list - all of us who have knowledge about
the topic should linger here :)

Again, welcome - I'm really looking forward to the changes sketched by
Michael below ...


-------- Original Message --------
Subject: evolution / LDAP / Exchange / Groupwise integration ...
Date: Mon, 17 Nov 2003 15:38:13 +0000
From: Michael Meeks <michael ximian com>
Organization: Ximian.
To: Amit Shrivastava <SAmit novell com>
CC: Krishnan R <RKRISHNAN novell com>,   ximian-openoffice
<openoffice lists ximian com>,   Chris Toshok <toshok ximian com>,
Frank Schönheit <frank schoenheit sun com>

Hi Amit,

	The major task I'd like you to be working on is quite a large one.
Essentially - the background is this:

	* Existing OO.o LDAP integration uses a nastily hacked, and
	  un-sustainable chunk of Mozilla code included in a nasty
	  fashion into the tree. We cannot ship this.

	* LDAP integration is however crucial, and it would be great to
	  be able to grok Exchange / Groupwise / iPlanet /
	  OpenGroupwise.org etc. contacts via. Evolution.

	* Currently there is a nasty 'fork a helper' hack that will
	  extract local contact data from evolution-1.4 however this
	  is inelegant, slow etc.

	* So: the task is:
		+ checkout evolution-data-server from Gnome CVS
		+ build it / get it working nicely ( you'll most
		  likely need HEAD libbonobo / ORBit2 too ).
		+ dig at the TestGtkIntegration code (OOO_1_1_0/apply)
		  particularly the glib-integration.diff in order to
		  get CORBA message processing working nicely.
		+ play with the MailMerge feature :-)
		+ research & understand and document the salient points
		  of how the existing backend works:
			+ cf. connectivity/source/drivers/evoab*
			+ cf. the other database backends eg.
		+ Integrate with the new addressbook APIs in the best
		  way possible.
		+ Ensure that the default contacts setup provided is
		  the evolution backend & it's associated providers.

	Anyhow - that's a suitably large task, and will throw up some nice
complexities I think. Chris Toshok can help you with any problems with
the Addressbook APIs (I think), and Frank can help out if you get
desperately stuck with the connectivity code I imagine - but he's a busy
man so don't badger him :-)



 michael ximian com  <><, Pseudo Engineer, itinerant idiot

Frank Schönheit                               frank schoenheit sun com 
StarOffice Software Entwicklungs GmbH             +49 / 040 23 646 500
Sun Microsystems, Inc.

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