Re: [Evolution-hackers] Old thoughts on the "self" contact

On Wed, 2004-02-18 at 13:54, Tim Lee wrote:
> Hi Chris,
> A couple of questions
> On Thu, 2004-02-12 at 23:40, Chris Toshok wrote:
> > Back in November, Ettore, JPR, and I talked about the self entry.  In an
> > effort to let everyone know what we talked about (and to see what we
> > might be able to get in to the UI for 2.0), here's the list.  I'll
> > respond to this mail with some status about what we've implemented, etc.
> > 
> > Chris
> > 
> > ---
> > 
> > 
> >       * Operations possible on the "me" vcard:
> >               * The "me" vcard can't be deleted.
> Where would the "me" card be stored? In 1.5 you can currently delete any
> addressbook including the default (Personal).

The "me" card would be in the local address book.  I consider it a bug
that you can remove, honestly.  I mean there are some forms of deletion
(rm -r ~/.evolution) we can't provide a defense against, but e-d-s can
refuse to remove the local/system contact folder.

> >               * The user can add, remove or modify email addresses in
> >                 the "me" vcard.
> Can all the other fields (Address, Phone, Fax, etc.) of the contact be
> edited?


> > 
> >       * When user configures an email account:
> >               * If there is no "me" vcard, it adds one with name and
> >                 email address.
> What if the Personal addressbook or even all the local addressbooks have
> been deleted? 
> Is the Full name entered in the account settings saved in the vCard as
> the FN: attribute? What if I add a 2nd account that has a different Full
> Name?

Good question.  heh :)  We can only have 1 full name in a vcard, so we
can have the "me" card pick up its full name from someplace else
(/etc/passwd?) and then modify the outgoing vcard that we attach to
mails with the Full Name of the email account, maybe?

> >               * If there is a "me" vcard, it adds the email address.
> what if different addresses are entered for the Email and the Reply-To:
> address's of the account ?

again, good question.  I'm inclined to choose "Email" in this case,
since that's what shows up in the From field.  Not sure, though.

> >               * If there is a vcard with the same email address, we ask
> >                 the user if he wants to use that as his "me" account
> >                 after showing its contents.
> What if the user already has "me" vcard and adds a 2nd account with an
> address that matches an other existing vcard?

The first card stays the "me" card, the other existing card is ignored.

> >       * When user changes email account:
> >               * It updates the "me" vcard accordingly.
> Does this include changes to the Full name field in the account
> settings?

Depends.. We could update it if all accounts were forced to keep the
same full name (which they aren't.)  It wouldn't be a horrible thing imo
to update the "me" card with the Full Name of the first account entered
when we create the card, and from that point on decouple the Full Name
of the vcard from those of the accounts.

> >       * When user deletes email account:
> >               * If the address is in the "me" vcard, we ask the user if
> >                 he wants to remove it.
> What if all accounts are deleted (unlikely but possible) do we remove
> the "me" vcard?

No.  It may contain other info (your address, your phone number, your
name) that can be useful for filling out web forms.  That's a bounty, I


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