Re: [Evolution-hackers] Revised Schedule Proposal

El mié, 11-02-2004 a las 08:37, Dan Winship escribió: 
> Does the notification applet require any changes to evolution itself?
> not, then it seems like adding it wouldn't destabilize anything.
> (There'd still be doc and qa issues potentially.)

I'm who made the patch for the new mail notification applet, it works
great for my own cvs compiled evo 1.5.x, the patch modifies the ui
adding a "New mail notification" tab to "Mail Preferences" and of course
adding the notification applet himself, you can see some screenshots on:

However notzed and jeff thinks will be better to have a notification
interface on the mailer component rather than hardcode it to use a
specific applet UI, I agree with, that however it implies to do some
changes to the current stable mailer notification code. So what you
think guys?

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