Re: [Evolution-hackers] Problem in accessing Ldap addressbook from evolution-data-server apis

The attributes on that ldap entry were uid, generationQualifier,
nickname, sn, and objectClass.

There wasn't a givenName attribute, nor a cn attribute, so I wouldn't
expect a name field to be present (and actually, evolution doesn't use
givenName anyway...  it gets its name info, for better or worse, from
'cn'.  There is a bug about this.).  The 'sn' field is handled only for
writing by evolution.  We write it out based on the full name of the
vcard, but we don't do anything with it when reading the ldap entry. 
There was a mail attribute, which evolution did in fact turn into EMAIL:


the search returning 0 means "success".

There are no documents about the field mapping between evo and ldap.. 
you'll have to look at the e-book-backend-ldap.c file for that info.


On Thu, 2004-02-05 at 23:20, Amit Shrivastava wrote:
> Hi,
> I am facing problems in accessing ldap addressbook from
> evolution-addressbook-export command which I have modified to use
> evolution-data-server apis. 
> The scenario is:
> I have a ldap server with o=dxml as basedn which has container\bbb user
> object in it. When I give 
> uri:  ldap://localhost:389/o=dxml??sub?\(*\)   it contacts the ldap
> server fine.
> But the server side log says:
> impl_GNOME_Evolution_Addressbook_Book_getContactList
> getting contact list with filter: (cn=*)
> e_contact_set (0x80a7758, 1, 0x80a7780)
> attr = mail, info = 0x806c378
> e_contact_set (0x80a7758, 7, 0x80a7860)
> attr = uid, info = (nil)
> attr = generationQualifier, info = (nil)
> attr = nickname, info = (nil)
> attr = sn, info = 0x806c35c
> attr = objectClass, info = (nil)
> vcard = BEGIN:VCARD
> UID:cn=bbb\,ou=container\,o=dxml
> EMAIL:gfkgkh
> in server_log_handler
> (evolution-data-server:16917): libebookbackend-WARNING **: search
> returned 0
> Problem:
> The field which I got is only id = cn=bbb\,ou=container\,o=dxml in the
> output, whereas I was expecting the EMAIL and FIRSTNAME as well. I feel
> there is some mismatch in the ldap attribute - evo attribute matching? 
> Why is the search saying returned 0?. Do I have to extend the directory
> schema with evolutionperson.schema file and then map it with the
> directory attributes ? I was not able to get much documents on ldap
> addressbook configuration with evolution specifically related to schema
> exts and schema changes. It will be great if someone can help and/or
> point me to the right documents. 
> Thanks,
> Amit 
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