Re: [Evolution-hackers] Category Searching

On Sun, 2004-02-01 at 20:43 -0500, JP Rosevear wrote:
> Right now we provide searching for categories in both the calendar and
> the addressbook.  The addressbook just list all the categories from the
> category list, while the calendar (and tasks) makes backends track the
> categories and only makes those categories in use available via the
> search bar.
> We need to make this consistent between the various components, the
> question is how.  There are several options:
> 1. Make the address book backends track categories like calendar.
> This is a problem for LDAP because it needs to load every single entry
> in order to know all the categories.  Networked calendar backends will
> have this problem moving forward as well.
> 2. Make the calendar/tasks searching just pull from the category list.
> This needs a way to organize all the categories, we just can't list 50
> categories.
right, if you've got many calendars, specially 3rd party ones that use
their own categories names, you'll end up missing some categories if we
just use a hard-coded list. So I guess it is still worthy to query the
backend for the list of categories in use, to avoid missing categories,

> 3. Make category searching use a user entered string to search with
> (just like name or summary).
do this one.


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