[Evolution-hackers] PLEASE READ: gnome-2-8 branch, evolution 2.0.x, branches

After some messy irc discussions, we came up with a solution to the gnome-2-8 release freeze that doens't interfere too much with how we're working:

The gnome-2-8 branch is being used explictly for the 2.0.0 release.  Only show-stopper bugs should be committed to this branch (things marked in bugzilla as 2.0.0).  Patches w/ bug numbers must be cc'd to release-team gnome org as well as evolution-patches lists ximian com as usual, and must be committed to both this branch and the main trunk.

The main trunk is still in evolution patch review mode as it was for 2.0, this is effectively where 2.0.1 development is continuing in the mean time for the next couple of weeks.  Patches for features not targetted at 2.0 must not be committed yet (this covers bounty items for example).

Once gnome 2.8 is released, EVOLUTION_2_0_0 will be tagged on the current gnome-2-8 branch, and the changes made since in the main trunk will be merged back to the gnome-2-8 branch.  The gnome 2-8 branch will then continue to be the development branch for the evolution 2.0.x releases, which will be tagged as they are made.

Around the same time, about September 15th, the eplugin branch will be merged into the main trunk.

At this point HEAD will become the 2.1 development stream, and will be open to bounty and other patches not targetted at 2.0.

Hopefully this should be reasonably clear.  For now, it's basically business as usual, except show-stoppers need to go to gnome-2-8 branch and require release-team approval.  I for one, was very confused as to what was going on until this got worked out.

Michael Zucchi <notzed ximian com>
"born to die, live to work, it's all downhill from here"
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